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Keeping users up to date on EMODnet Chemistry Portal is the purpose of this section, including the following thematic areas:

News provides the most current and accurate information about EMODnet Chemistry activities, such as availability of new datasets and products, relevant upgrade of tools and services, just released technical protocols.

Events and presentations lists all occasions where EMODnet Chemistry has been displayed worldwide or in which actively participated, mainly in international technical groups. For each event the related presentations are made available.

Posters and flyers lists all advertising material which gives general information on EMODnet Chemistry with no reference to a particular event.

Use Cases illustrates good examples of massive adoption of EMODnet Chemistry data and products.

Media provides a press review including all news media links related to EMODnet Chemistry.

Publications lists all EMODnet Chemistry citations in scientific works.

Cooperation Agreements lists the main arrangements stipulated for EMODnet Chemistry activity.

If you are interested to technical material as Guidelines, Reports to EU or Project meetings, please visit the section ABOUT.