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Trieste Next 2020: Let’s get the Sea plastic free
23 September 2020

Let’s get the Sea plastic free

26 September, 2020,  from 10:00-12:00 CEST

CEDAS, Viale Miramare, 202/1, Trieste (Italy)

This Saturday,  on the occasion of Trieste Next - Festival of Scientific Research,  the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied  Geophysics - OGS and WWF-MPA MIRAMARE (Trieste, Italy) will lead the event #SPLASTICHIAMOILMARE - Let’s get the Sea plastic free.


OGS/NODC, as the coordinator of the EMODnet Chemistry initiative, will introduce the awareness and dissemination event, showing how the open access to standardised HQ monitoring data is the pillar of  good environmental policies.
The EMODnet Chemistry platform will be brought as an example of the EU data management strategy.

After the briefing, the volunteers will dive in the Adriatic Sea waters in front of Trieste to collect marine litter from the seafloor.

Visitors are welcome! For any questions and explanations feel free to ask OGS and WWF-MPA Miramare staff throughout the event.