Data & products on marine water quality


The new marine litter products under the magnifying lens of the MSFD experts
26 March 2021

The EMODnet Chemistry phase 4 meeting with the board of experts of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive will be held this Tuesday 30 March 2021 from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM CEST (Rome, Paris, time). The video conference will be devoted to show and discuss the proposal for new marine litter products developed by IFREMER

The agenda in a few points:

  • Intro, aim and round table (Neil Holdsworth, ICES)
  • EMODnet Chemistry now and in the next phase (Alessandra Giorgetti, OGS)
  • Introduction to new marine litter products (Morgan Le Moigne, IFREMER)
  • Questions and Answers from MSFD experts and EMODnet Chemistry
  • Wrap-up (Neil Holdsworth, ICES)

To know more about the newly released data at the base of the products, also read New HQ marine litter data for new HQ products