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Q&A: How does EMODnet Chemistry support marine strategies?
28 June 2021

We have asked a couple of questions to Alessandra Giorgetti, from OGS scientific coordinator of EMODnet Chemistry, about the value of the initiative for marine strategies.

Let’s read her answers together!

How does EMODnet Chemistry support marine strategies?

A.Giorgetti says that
“EMODnet Chemistry is an important pillar in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive implementation. EMODnet Chemistry provides a mechanism and network for bringing together and harmonising a large amount of in-situ observation and further processed data sets, both from monitoring agencies and scientific institutes. These are then turned into high quality data collections and mapping products on sea water enrichment of nutrients, contamination, and marine litter, which are a major input for environmental assessments, following trends, and giving feedback about effectiveness of measures to mitigate marine pollution.”

Can you explain what high quality data means and what is the secret to achieving this result?

A.Giorgetti replies that
“Data are considered of high quality when they follow the FAIR principles, standing for findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. This requires adopting standards for formats, vocabularies, and quality assurance and quality control. Our secret to obtain these challenging results is our well-developed network of 65 data centers (involving scientific institutes & data management experts) from 32 countries, which is largely based upon the SeaDataNet European network of National Oceanographic Data Centres. Following the same standard protocols, the data centres manage the data gathering from the multiple organizations that originate datasets. The data are then further aggregated, harmonized and validated by regional experts, following methodologies agreed with the wider international community.”

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