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Master in Sustainable Blue Growth: lecture on sharing data, information and best practices
25 March 2022

On 23 March, 2022, EMODnet Chemistry was extensively presented during the Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth. The lecture was given by Marina Lipizer of the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) and focused on the importance of sharing data, information and best practices. The Master is an initiative jointly organised by the University of Trieste and OGS to contribute to the EU sustainable blue economy by offering concrete, high-level solutions to train new generations of scientists, technicians and operators in the marine and maritime sectors. Attending the Master offers career opportunities in the blue economy as participants are equipped with adequate skills to bridge the gap between scientific research and sustainable development.

"EMODnet Chemistry, together with SeaDataNet and Copernicus Marine Service - explained M. Lipizer - are among the main initiatives of the European Union that collect and facilitate the use and reuse of marine data and services. Data-driven knowledge underpins scientific innovations and the implementation of environmental strategies. Moreover, it is of paramount importance for evaluating their effectiveness against seas and oceans degradation.”

Watch the short slideshow to get more details on the lecture.