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Happy new year from EMODnet Chemistry: 2020 Top 5
8 January 2021

EMODnet Chemistry partners wish you all a peaceful and healthy 2021

Your gateway to water quality data of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) has just successfully concluded its ninth year of operation, providing access to datasets and data products on eutrophication, ocean acidification, contaminants, and marine litter. In this challenging period, we are keen to spread and share good news with you.

Top 5 EMODnet Chemistry highlights of the year

1. More than 1.000.000 CDI entries are now available through the data discovery and access service.

2. The new webODV Data Explorer and Extractor tool lets users explore, visualize and extract subsets of data simply by using their web browser.

3. EMODnet Chemistry has strengthened its role as the European data portal for Marine Litter.
The first pan-European Marine Litter Database (MLDB), developed by EMODnet Chemistry, was endorsed for gathering all beach litter data from European Member States in the framework of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. On top, the Marine Litter focus has been extended to macro and micro litter data from different matrices and instruments.

4. We have increased the user friendlinessof our website.
The EMODnet Chemistry portal was reviewed and restyled, providing quick and easy access to both DATA and DATA PRODUCTS. Thematic pages have been devoted to eutrophication, ocean acidification, contaminants, and marine litter

5. New and consolidated cooperation with EMODnet Chemistry

  • The MSFD Technical Group on Marine Litter used the MLDB to compute the EU beach litter quantitative Baselines and Threshold values.
  • The European Environment Agency confirmed the use of EMODnet Chemistry data for three environmental indicators relating to eutrophication and contaminants.
  • The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) and EMODnet Chemistry set up the first joint portfolio of products in support of the MSFD implementation. The two partners are also exploring opportunities to support the aquaculture sector.
  • Mercator Ocean, UNDESA, SULITEST NGO and EMODnet Chemistry have been creating a divulgative questionnaire to raise awareness on the Goal 14 of the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.
  • The G20 asked EMODnet Chemistry to share its experience on Marine Litter harmonized monitoring and data compilation.
  • The international Oxygen data portal and Ocean Acidification data portal received contributions from EMODnet Chemistry for their implementation.
  • The National Marine Data and Information Service of China collaborates with EMODnet to strengthen international ocean data through the EMOD-PACE project.

More than ever, EMODnet Chemistry and its partners keep on looking positively ahead !