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Eutrophication: view and download the new maps
1 June 2021

EMODnet Chemistry is pleased to inform that the new data products developed to support the evaluation of the state of eutrophication of the European sea basins have just been published.

The new data collections have been used as input for preparing different climatologies, spatially interpolated concentration maps, produced with the DIVAnd (Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis in n dimensions) software. The maps display the depth-time variability of Dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), Phosphate, Silicate, Chlorophyll, and Dissolved oxygen concentration.

In particular, users can search and download, through the Map viewer service, three main tipologies of products, that are characterized by different spatial and temporal resolutions:

  • Monthly climatologies for all European Seas combining data ranging from 1960 to 2020;
  • Seasonal climatologies by sea region built as 6-years running averages covering the time period from 1997 to 2017.
  • Seasonal climatologies of specific coastal areas that combines data ranging from 1980-90 to 2018-19, depending on the area. Currently the maps of the Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea), Danube Delta (Black Sea) and Po river (Mediterranean Sea) are available, but other climatologies will be published soon.

Horizontal sections of the 4-dimensional fields (longitude, latitude, depth and time) can be visualized at a selected depth and time. The climatological fields can also be interpolated and visualized on arbitrary vertical sections. An animation of the evolution over time of the parameters is also available.

All data products are also accessible through the Catalogue Service where users can also retrieve the full set of metadata, originators and distributors.

The climatologies have been presented and discussed with the board of experts on the Eu Marine Strategy Framework Directive during the dedicated meeting occurred on 27 May 2021.