Data & products on marine water quality


EMODnet Chemistry regional data collections linked to webODV Data Explorer and Extractor
4 October 2021

Data interactive analysis, visualization and downloading are now faster and easier thanks to the new link between each regional data collection in the Product Catalogue and the webODV Data Explorer and Extractor.

The collections include integrated, standardized and validated data on eutrophication, ocean acidification and contamination for six marine regions covering the Norwegian Sea including Barents Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Greater North Sea, the North East Atlantic Ocean (Celtic Seas, Iberian coast and Bay of Biscay, and Macaronesia) the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

This webODV online tool makes data collections readily accessible and allows users to create different kinds of ODV-like graphics and products with no need to download the collections for exploring them with ODV Software.

Stay tuned as more web applications and VREs are in the pot!