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EMODnet Chemistry at the MONGOOS Annual Meeting and Workshop
24 November 2020

New ocean observation approaches for a blue Mediterranean Sea: physical and biogeochemical systems, data and model assimilation is the title of the MonGOOS Workshop, that will be held on 24-25 November, 2020. After the Workshop, the General Assembly of the EuroGOOS MonGOOS, Mediterranean Operational Network for the Global Ocean Observing System, will take place online on 26 November.

This MonGOOS workshop will be devoted to new advances in the development of physical and biogeochemical sensors, multiple and interdisciplinary observing systems, data mining, numerical assimilation, and artificial intelligence in the Mediterranean Sea, for a sustainable blue economy.

EMODnet Chemistry will attend the three-days event and give its contribution on Wednesday 25 November at 10.15 AM (CET, Rome time), during the Session 4: Data integration and physical-biogeochemical model capabilities. Sebastian Mieruch from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), one of the main partners of EMODnet Chemistry, will show the new webODV online tool that provides fast access to EMODnet Chemistry data sets, and lets users explore, visualize and extract subsets of the data simply by using their web browser.

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