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EMODnet Chemistry Portal: 2020 data availability
8 September 2020

Almost 800,000 marine chemistry data sets from all EU basins are currently stored and made available by means of the EMODnet Chemistry Portal. (source: EMODnet Chemistry Search and Download Data Service, July 2020). A free and open access bank of information on many environmental issues.

In particular, 1,538,000 data sets concern Eutrophication. Parameters investigated are grouped in those categories: Chlorophyll, Dissolved Gases, Fertilisers, Organic Matter and Silicates


364,000 data sets concern Contaminants. The following main groups of parameters are included: Hydrocarbons, Heavy metals, Pesticides and Biocides, Radionuclides, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Radionuclides and Antifoulants.

118,000 data sets concern Ocean Acidification. A conspicuous source of information on both sea waters (SW) and sediment pore waters (SPW), such as SW Total dissolved inorganic carbon (TCO2) concentration and SPW carbonate chemistry.

8,000 data sets concern marine litter, specifically, beach litter, seafloor macrolitter, and floating microlitter. The lowest number of records is brought about by the subsequent introduction of the marine litter group of parameters into the EMODnet Chemistry portal. Since then, the number of Marine litter datasets has been fastly increasing.

More details are shown in the column chart below.