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Unlocking the potential of Ports and Harbours against Marine Litter: BlueMed workshop, 14 September 2021

The BlueMed “Pilot Action on a Healthy Plastic Free Mediterranean Sea” promotes relevant actions and sets the scene for discussion at Mediterranean level to apply best practices for the prevention and reduction of marine plastic litter.

In the framework of this initiative, on 14 September the workshop entitled ”Healthy Mediterranean Sea - Unlocking the potential of Ports and Harbours in preventing and reducing the effects of Marine Litter”, was organized at the CNR ISMAR in Venice (Italy) and online. This pilot workshop has looked at the most promising R&I solutions undertaken, as well as the policy instruments implemented, in the management and valorization of plastic litter in Mediterranean Ports/Harbours and their hinterland.

EMODnet was invited to participate in the workshop to share its expertise in marine litter data management.

Why do ocean (blue) data matter? What can we do for our ports? and How?

Look at the presentations in which Alessandra Giorgetti, scientific coordinator of EMODnet Chemistry, answered these questions.