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The webODV data Explorer and Extractor tool presented at the MonGOOS workshop

The webODV data Explorer and Extractor service has been presented on 25 November, during the MonGOOS Workshop entitled New ocean observation approaches for a blue Mediterranean Sea: physical and biogeochemical systems, data and model assimilation.
The new online webODV tool was developed at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), in Bremerhaven, Germany, as a partner in EMODnet Chemistry. This new tool provides fast and easy access to EMODnet Chemistry validated datasets. EMODnet Chemistry dedicates huge efforts to collect, harmonise, validate data on water quality within all EU sea basins. This new webODV tool is the powerful access key to the regional data collections and related visualization products on eutrophication. This service is integrated into the EMODnet Chemistry Portal, increasing its user friendliness and potentiality. The webODV data Explorer and Extractor will be also available for exploring, visualizing and extracting data on contaminants and marine litter shortly.

EMODnet Chemistry Online Data Extraction, Visualization and Analysis with webODV is the title of the presentation shown by Sebastian Mieruch from AWI at the MonGOOS Workshop.

More information on the new webODV service can be found in the User Manual for Aggregated Data Explorer and Extractor. A dedicated Video tutorial is also available.