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Sulitest Specialized Module on SDG 14 project: second meeting

The second webinar of the Sulitest Specialized Module on SDG 14 project took place on 14th October, 2020.

EMODnet Chemistry, as a member of the experts working group, attended the meeting organized by the project leaders: Sulitest, Mercator Ocean International and UN DESA (the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs).
Sulitest, a Marseille based NGO, offers a set of online tools for raising the awareness and improving the understanding of the 17 SDGs of the UN Agenda 2030. The under construction module on SDG 14 will consist in about 25 questions; 10 questions will be extracted and edited in a format for a Quiz.
EMODnet Chemistry will cocreate the set of questions along with the other experts.

Questions have been grouped in 5 main themes and more than 60 questions have been proposed by now mainly regarding theme 1, 2 and 4, as shown below.

During the second webinar the working group has been passing through the questions of the theme 1. For the third webinar, Sulitest and Mercator Ocean International will propose a limited number of questions per theme, that will be strictly related to SDG 14 targets. The experts are required to focus on questions for theme 3 "What are the main drivers of the ocean degradation addressed by SDG14?" and theme 5 "What are the current and future solutions?"

In agenda:

  • Third webinar, experts will discuss the remaining 25 questions;
  • Fourth webinar, final evaluation of questions without consensus and the selection of 10 questions for the quiz will be carried out;
  • Fifth webinar, the SDG14 module and the quiz will be tested.

More details on the second webinar contents and outcomes are available Here