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Sulitest Module on SDG 14 project: third meeting, 1 December 2020

EMODnet Chemistry took part in the 3rd webinar of the Sulitest Specialized Module on SDG 14 project on 1st December, 2020. The module on SDG 14 will consist in 24 questions; 10 questions will be extracted and edited in a format for a Quiz. Objective of the module is to increase awareness of non-specialist on Ocean issues and the Goal 14 of the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.
EMODnet Chemistry is part of the experts working group, led by the NGO Sulitest (Sustainable literacy test), Mercator Ocean International and UN DESA (the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs).

The 24 multiple choice questions will cover 5 themes:

  • Ocean importance
  • Current threats
  • Main drivers of the ocean degradation
  • Key policy issues
  • Current and future solutions.

Each question will include an introduction, a feedback on the issue concerned, and references. Before the 3rd meeting, some questions were merged or rewritten; some more questions were created to cover some topics. The experts groups also checked whether all SDG14 targets were covered. During the meeting, the participants verified whether some topics in the 5 themes were missing and some questions could be irrelevant or incorrect.

More information on webinar III are available here

Next webinar (webinar#4) will take place in January and this will be the moment to close the final Sulitest SDG14 validation.