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MSFD Technical Group on Marine Litter meeting: 15-16 December 2021

On 15-16 December 2021, EMODnet Chemistry participated in the latest virtual meeting of the Technical Group on Marine Litter (TG ML) to implement the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). TG ML is one of the scientific task forces set up under the Working Group on Good Environmental Status of the MSFD informal programme of coordination ‘Common Implementation Strategy’. The mission of the technical subgroups is to advise on the setting of threshold values as required by Commission Decision 2017/848/ EU, the standardisation of monitoring methods and exchange principles and best practice on target setting and assessment methodologies.

EMODnet Chemistry showed protocols and formats for macrolitter along coastlines (well-known as beach litter) and in seabed sediment, sampled by trawling, and floating micro-litter. Concerning the quality workflow, the importance of pre-ingestion online validation was stressed for beach litter to reduce time-consuming post-ingestion controls. These checks are crucial to generate quality data collections and maps. EMODnet Chemistry also explained the hard work done to improve the microlitter data quality in strict cooperation with the National Oceanographic Data Centres and the data originators. The recent addition of the EU beach litter data of 2020 was highlighted in a table showing the database content per year and country. Regarding floating micro-litter, the database is of paramount importance to set up baselines. Participants were informed of the additional 83 data sets in the archive over the last 2 months and the missing data per country.

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