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IOC-UNESCO Ocean Best Practices Workshop 2021: 20-24 September

On 23 September, EMODnet Chemistry gave its contribution to the 5th Community Workshop of the IOC-UNESCO Ocean Best Practices System, entitled “An Ocean of Values”.

The Ocean Best Practices System under the auspices of the IOC supports the end-to-end best practices value chain. Since 2017 the Steering Group has organized an annual workshop Evolving and Sustaining Ocean Best Practices in order to exchange ideas and discuss topical issues with the OBP community and disseminate the outputs.

The abstract of the EMODnet Chemistry participation is reported below.

“Since 2016, EMODnet Chemistry has been working together with the EU Technical Group on Marine Litter to manage and harmonize marine litter data collected by EU Member States. Starting from beach litter and seafloor trawlings the activity has been extended to microlitter collected in water and sediment . New topics under evaluation are seafloor images and videos and floating macrolitter. These efforts have been also promoted on a global scale as a possible approach to define best practices in data management and standardized monitoring methods.”

Watch the pitch given by Matteo Vinci, researcher at the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics and data manager for EMODnet Chemistry.