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HarmoNIA Network meeting: 1 July 2021

On 1 July 2021, during the meeting of the Interreg ADRION HarmoNIA project Transnational Network of Institutions sharing expertise and information towards harmonization of monitoring of contaminants in the marine environment, data management and visualization, Marina Lipizer, OGS-Italy, and Damir Ivanković, IOF-Croatia, explained that HarmoNIA builds on EMODnet Chemistry, which is one of the backbones of the project, also through SeaDataNet tools, to make data FAIR.

Look at their presentation.

It is widely recognised that legislative instruments indicate how to assess pollution, what to measure, how, where, when, but do not agree on exactly the same criteria and that is where the shoe pinches! Since in this way harmonized assessment is not so trivial. The project HarmoNIA has dedicated efforts, at ADRION scale, to share data, information and best practices for monitoring, assessing and managing pollutants in the marine environment.

Jelena Knezevic, UNEP/MAP, presented the Experience of UNEP/MAP in using EMODnet Chemistry data for upgrade of the assessment criteria related to IMAP Pollution Cluster.

Objectives, presentations and proceedings of the meeting are available here