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G20 MoEJ International Expert Meeting on Marine Plastic Litter Monitoring Data Sharing Project: 29 November 2021

On 29 November 2021, EMODnet Chemistry attended the restricted meeting of the International Experts on Marine Plastic Litter Monitoring Data Sharing Project coordinated by the Ministry of Environment, Japan (MoEJ). The event aims at explaining and discussing with the experts the prototype ‘Microplastics Data-sharing System’ to collect and give free access to microplastic data on a global scale as well as the ‘Data Entry Form Sheet’ and the ‘Data List Sheet’.

EMODnet Chemistry was invited due to its consolidated expertise in marine litter data management at EU level, crucial for other relevant project focused on this topic, such as EUROqCHARM. The MoEJ has valued EMODnet Chemistry competences since the G20 Workshop held by the MoEJ in September 2020 for harmonized monitoring and data compilation of marine plastic litter. During the workshop the MoEJ proposed a monitoring data sharing project. In order to realize the proposed project, MoEJ decided to organize international expert meetings to discuss on a regular basis how to share monitoring data globally and how to establish a worldwide network for data sharing.