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EUROSEA macroalgal workshop: 23-25 November 2021

The virtual EuroSea Workshop ‘Towards a Coordinated European Observing System for Marine Macroalgae’ took place on 23-25 November 2021. The event discussed data openness and standardization towards integration and interoperability, strategies and operating procedures for observations needed to preserve macroalgae and their associated biodiversity. Multiple human activities, ever increasing along the coast, are posing risks to these amazing biocenosis, which deliver key ecosystem functions and services.

Seafloor litter is among the pressures endangering benthic biodiversity that has been addressed. For this reason, EMODnet Chemistry was asked to show the seafloor litter data management status based on the data collected by trawlings and the proposal for the data management of seafloor litter images obtained by remote operative vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles.

Get all details on the EMODnet Chemistry contribution to the workshop in the presentation EMODnet Chemistry marine litter data management experience: seafloor litter focus.