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EMODnet Chemistry at the ocean oxygen data plaform restricted meeting

Implementing the roadmap towards the ocean oxygen data platform is the title of the restricted virtual meeting attended by EMODnet Chemistry on 5-6 November, 2020 . The workshop was focused on the realization of a Global Oxygen Atlas (GO2AT) , mainly through a consistent data flow. Principal investigators, National Oceanographic Data Centers (NODCs), Regional hubs and Government Data Analytics Centers (GDACs) have been involved in this process.

Oxygen is critical to the health of the planet. Nevertheless, deoxygenation is worsening in the coastal and open ocean, mainly due to human activities. The IOC-UNESCO Global Ocean Oxygen Network (GO2NE) is committed to providing a global and multidisciplinary view of deoxygenation, with a focus on understanding its multiple aspects and impacts. This scientific network strictly collaborate with other involved networks and working groups, e.g. IOCCP, GOOS, IGMETS, GOA-ON, GlobalHAB, WESTPAC O2NE.

The workshop is also meant as a post-Sopot scoping workshop, that is, the international workshop "Oxygen data portal" organized by GO2NE and IOCCP on 11-12 November, 2019 in Sopot, Poland.

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