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EMOD-PACE on line meeting on water quality: 23 November 2020

EMODnet Chemistry and the National Marine Data and Information Service of China (NMDIS) together at the EMOD-PACE WP2 Chemistry group meeting, dedicated to water quality data on 23rd November, 2020. The EMODnet PArtnership for China and Europe (EMOD-PACE) is a project aimed at promoting international ocean governance and support the implementation of global commitments through closer collaboration between Europe and China.

The project intends to establish a fruitful working relationship between NMDIS and EMODnet. The EMOD-PACE project started officially on 19 February 2020 and will run for a period of 30 months.

During the meeting the progress of the 6 actions from the previous, 2 November 2020, meeting was reported and further discussed, if needed.

In brief:

  • Actions 1, 2, 5
    Status: DONE
  • Action 6
    Status: Work in progress
  • Action 3: NMDIS metadata and data interoperable to EMODnet Chemistry.
    Status: During the meeting, the discussion of sample mapping carried out by EMODnet Chemistry generated the new Actions from 7 to 11.
  • Action 4: NMDIS will explore how it can map its local terms for identified metadata fields to the controlled vocabularies, and how it can convert its local data to the ODV format, e.g. by using NEMO software.
    Status: OGS has included a mapping of the NMDIS sample towards the agreed ODV data format. That example is included in a mapping excel. Difference with metadata format is that the data format asks for higher granularity in parameters by using P01 (parameters usage vocab) and P06 (units).
    The discussion generated the Action 12: NMDIS will review the mapping excel for the ODV data format and will report back on this at the next meeting on 2 December, 2020.

Detailed information is reported in the Minutes