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Copenhagen, 2019: Marine Litter stakeholders workshop

EMODnet Chemistry activities on Marine Litter were presented at the Marine Litter Stakeholders Workshop, hosted by the European Environmental Agency, in Copenhagen on the 12th and 13th of June 2019.

The main goal of the stakeholders workshop were:

  • Bringing together marine litter stakeholders in Europe to discuss EEA Marine Litter indicators scoping study and exchange the experiences and knowledge
  • Bringing together LitterWatch (MLW) communities to discuss data obtained during the implementation of the MLW monitoring initiative to discuss possible improvements and continuation of this initiative

In this context, the presentation was focused on the status of the EMODnet Beach Litter Database and the recent development of litter visualization products, as well as the on going work for the ingestion of data from MLW app, that will be soon available through EMODnet Chemistry Data Discovery and Access Service.

Link to presentation: