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Consultation on the 2023 UNEP/MAP MED QSR, 2 September 2021

The UNEP/MAP Barcelona Convention system is actively engaged in implementing the Ecosystem Approach Roadmap. One of the most important steps in its implementation is the preparation and delivery in 2023 of the 2023 Mediterranean Quality Status Report (MED QSR). As defined in the 2023 MED QSR Roadmap and Needs Assessment (Decision IG.24/4 of COP-21), the vision for the successful delivery of the 2023 MED QSR is: “an integrated DPSIR-based GES assessment, developed on consolidated and quality-assured monitoring data sets, reported and processed through an effective IMAP Info System that is interoperable with national and other regional monitoring and reporting networks”.

Today, 2 September, EMODnet Chemistry has been taking part in the online consultation regarding the 2023 Mediterranean Quality Status Report delivery. During the meeting, by invitation only, the participants discussed the document 2023 MED QSR approach and structure, presented by the UNEP/MAP Secretariat. In 2021 the document was finalized by the Secretariat under the leadership of the Ecosystem Approach Correspondence Group, who was also involved in identifying and mapping available complementary sources to address the data and knowledge gaps. In this regard, during the open discussion the participants were asked to explain their potential contribution to specific Ecological Objectives, Common Indicators, or chapters/sections of the Report.

Look at the presentation: