Data & products on marine water quality

MSFD Stakeholders Engagement

In order to better tune EMODnet efforts to the requirements of the MSFD, several initiatives have been carried out to strengthen the dialogue with the stakeholders.

During the first phases of the project there were regular meetings with Marine Observation and Data Expert Group (MODEG) to obtain their feedback about the results and gaps still to face.

The dialogue with the Regional Sea Conventions (OSPAR, HELCOM, Black Sea Commission and MEDPOL) is essential to have an overview about what has already been done at regional level and which are the future steps to join efforts and pursue common objectives. A MSFD – EMODnet coordination group involving Regional Sea conventions, Member States and relevant stakeholders has been established jointly by DG Mare and DG Environment.

Besides, regular meetings with INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (MIG) are organized to discuss the most feasible and useful products and services to provide.