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Baltic Sea DIVA 4D analysis of Water_body_total_nitrogen

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Aarhus University, Department of Bioscience, Marine Ecology Roskilde
Estonian Marine Institute
Finnish Environment Institute
Finnish Institute of Marine Research (FIMR)
Finnish Meteorological Institute
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Maritime Branch in Gdynia (IMWM MB)
Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
Marine Systems Institute at Tallinn University of Technology
Stockholm Marine Research Centre, SMF
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Umea Marine Sciences Centre, UMF
EMODnet Chemistry
Publication Year
Temporal Extent (Data collection)
1960 to 2014
Water body total nitrogen; Dissolved total and organic nitrogen concentrations in the water column; Baltic Sea; Oceanography; Chemistry; Interpolated maps; DIVA; European seas
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Data product
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The "Baltic Sea DIVA 4D analysis of Water_body_total_nitrogen" is the 4D gridded analysis for Dissolved total and organic nitrogen concentrations in the water column in the Baltic Sea. The analysis was performed per season using DIVA software tool (Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis). The analyses products are stored as NetCDF CF files and made available as WMS layers for easy browsing and adding. Dynamic plots obtained as a combination of WPS/WMS (Density information available by colours, time series and vertical profiles) were uploaded to 'EMODnet Chemistry Viewing and Downloading Service'. Every step of the time dimension corresponds to a 10-year average moving from 1960 to 2014. The depth dimension spans from surface to the seafloor with 21 vertical levels. The data used as input for DIVA have been extracted from the EMODnet Chemistry Download Service:

Funding References
European Commission. SERVICE CONTRACT MARE/2012/10-lot 4 (SI2.656742)
European Commission. SERVICE CONTRACT MARE/2008/03-lot 3 (SI2.531432)
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Aggregated data products are public domain and freely available for all users, following the specified citation format.
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Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (2016). Baltic Sea DIVA 4D analysis of Water_body_total_nitrogen. Aggregated datasets were generated in the framework of EMODnet Chemistry II, under the support of DG MARE Call for Tenders MARE/2008/03-lot 3 and MARE/2012/10-lot 4.

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