Data & products on marine water quality


EMODnet Chemistry provides access to harmonized, aggregated and validated data collections and derived data products concerning eutrophication, contaminants and marine litter for 6 sea regions as defined by the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). These concern:

  • Baltic Sea
  • N.E. Atlantic (Iberian coast - Macaronesia - Bay of Biscay)
  • Greater North Sea -Celtic Sea - Faroes
  • Arctic Ocean - Norwegian Sea - Greenland Sea - Barents Sea - Icelandic Waters
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Black Sea - Sea of Azov - Marmara Sea

These data products are specifically relevant for MSFD Descriptors 5 (eutrophication), 8 (chemical pollution), 9 (contaminants in seafood), and 10 (marine litter) based on the guidance of the MSFD Common Implementation Strategy.

The Products Viewer and Access service allows users to browse, interact and visualize both the harmonized, aggregated and validated data collections and the spatially interpolated basin maps, available for nutrients (ammonium, nitrate plus nitrite, phosphate, silicate), dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll-a and additional parameters depending on spatial data resolution. The distribution of sampling stations gives access to time series or vertical profiles by clicking on the dots representing the sampling stations.

The Products Catalogue service allows users to search for one or more available products and retrieve the full set of metadata, their access restrictions, originators and distributors. It is integrated with the Product Viewing service, is compliant with ISO19139 metadata standards and fulfils INSPIRE Directive requirements.

Remark: Dedicated viewing products for marine litter are currently under development.