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MSFD board of experts for EMODnet Chemistry: Contaminants online workshop, 16 March 2018, Online
4 April 2018

The second online workshop of the MSFD board of experts for EMODnet Chemistry took place on March 16, 2018 and was aimed to align EMODnet Chemistry developments related to contaminants with MSFD implementation and confirm the focus on data to be gathered.

Using this legislative background, EMODnet Chemistry is proposing a list of substances to focus on with a set of dedicated products for Biota, Water, Sediment and combined maps (showing e.g. matrix monitored and species group monitored). The proposal is available here.

To ensure the continued engagement and relevance of the map visualization and data products with the MSFD board of experts, a workshop will be planned in the late Autumn for the MSFD board of experts, before the public release of the map and data products. The presentation (General overview and Dedicated maps on contaminants) and the workshop summary are also available.

In addition, a short information and question sheet was distributed with the aim to guide the discussion and collect feedbacks.