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A new WMS layer showing beach litter metadata is available
23 July 2018

A new map for beach litter is now online. A new WMS layer showing beach litter metadata is available:

EMODnet database works with 5 litter reference lists from the different existing monitoring protocols:

  • OSPAR and OSPAR for one-kilometer surveys (Guideline for Monitoring Marine Litter on the Beaches in the OSPAR Maritime Area, 2010)
  • TSG-ML (Guidance on Monitoring of Marine Litter in European Seas. A guidance document within the Common Implementation Strategy for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive; MSFD Technical Subgroup on Marine Litter, 2013)
  • UNEP (UNEP/IOC Guidelines on Survey and Monitoring of Marine Litter Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 186 IOC Technical Series No. 83, 2009)
  • UNEP for Baltic Sea adapted by MARLIN project (Final report of Baltic marine Litter project Marlin - litter monitoring and Raising awareness, 2011-2013).