Data & products on marine water quality


Q: Do I need to register?
A: Yes, the registration is mandatory: users must register once in order to get a personal login-password. Please follow this link and click on "Register as SeaDataNet user".
The registration facilitates the access decision process:
  • each user gets a SeaDataNet role;
  • while each CDI record has a "Data access restriction" label;
The combination of role and access label determines 'Access OK', 'Access to be discussed' or 'Access denied' to the data.
Q: How to cite the downloaded data and data products?
A: Please refer to the Acknowledgement page.
Q: Are all data unrestricted and free?
A: No, not all data are unrestricted and free for use. The general case is free and open access for data. Once the user is registered and have agreed with the "SeaDataNet user Licence", he can, by default access all data which are unrestricted or under SeaDataNet licence. Then depending on user status, organisation and scope the SeaDataNet node responsible of the user's country will attribute him a specific role which can give him access to more restricted data.
Q: Which formats can be downloaded?
A: The following formats can be downloaded: SeaDataNet ODV4 ASCII, SeaDataNet NetCDF with CF compliance, SeaDataNet MedAtlas, NetCDF with CF compliance.
Q: If I have a technical issue, is there someone to contact?
A: For a basic support you should contact the help desk service available through the online chat service on the bottom of each portal web page. The Helpdesk page provides also email and phone contact information.
Q: Are all the data quality checked?
A: All data available through the infrastructure are quality checked and flagged.
Q: Which kind of data is managed?
A: The infrastructure is managing chemical marine data related to the following descriptors of the Marine Strategy framework Directive: D5 eutrophication, D8 and D9 contaminants, D10 marine litter.
Q: Where can I see the overall data distribution and also have an idea of the result set distribution affected by my search filters?
A: Simply use the quick search page.
Q: I see that the data access forms are similar to the ones of SeaDataNet. What is the relation between SeaDataCloud/SeaDataNet and this EMODnet Chemistry?
A: SeaDataNet is the chosen infrastructure of EMODnet Chemistry. EMODnet Chemistry portal provides a chemistry-oriented search.
Q: Do you have also restricted data, if yes how can they be accessed?
A: Yes, while promoting open access, we do have also restricted datasets. Once they are being ordered by a user, the related data centre is being asked to handle this request by asking permission from the data originator.
Q: I have a question related to the SeaDataNet infrastructure used by your portal, and I cannot find here a reply. Is there another list?
A: Yes, please consult the SeaDataNet FAQ page.