Data & products on marine water quality

Data Access

EMODnet Chemistry Portal gives free and open access to measurement data for groups of chemical variables. Clicking on Chemicals by region you can visualise the Matrix indicating, per sea region and per chemicals group, how many measurement data have been gathered from tens of data providers in the EMODnet Chemistry network.

Chemicals by region

Measurement data, as delivered by the originators, are available through a Data Discovery and Access service that allows you to browse data sets in more detail, to narrow down your query and to download a selection of data sets. How does it work provides user-friendly instructions.

Data are harmonized, standardized, validated and made available as regional and global data collections for:

Eutrophication (nutrients, chlorophyll and oxygen) and Ocean Acidification (alkalinity and pH) in seawater

Available to download as ODV spreadsheet.

Contaminants in seawater, biota and sediment

Available to download as ODV spreadsheet.

Marine Litter

Available to download as EMODnet Beach litter spreadsheet and as EMODnet Sea-floor litter csv file.

Data collections are available in ODV csv spreadsheet format, which can be easily handled and visualised with ODV Software (More information can be found at