Data & products on marine water quality

Project Meetings

4th Phase Regional web conferences: 15-19 June 2020

On week of on line meetings has been held in June 15-19, 2020, to bring together the regional core project team along with the EMODnet Chemistry general coordinators:

  • Monday 15th - the North Sea region
  • Tuesday 16th - the Mediterranean Sea region
  • Wednesday 17th - the Baltic Sea region and the Arctic Ocean Region
  • Thursday 18th - the Northeast Atlantic Ocean region
  • Wednesday 19th - the Black Sea region

The web conferences have been focused on:

  • EMODnet Chemistry results so far obtained for eutrophication, ocean acidification, contaminants, and marine litter;
  • Additional requirements from major stakeholders such as EEA, JRC and Copernicus Marine;
  • Issues identified in delivery of data sets and how to correct these;
  • Latest insights, standards, tools and procedures for handling and populating data sets;
  • Further population of EMODnet Chemistry with new data sets to feed updated EMODnet Chemistry products.

Link to the presentations: