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5th Phase Task force on contaminants: 14 January 2022

On 14 January 2022, the meeting entitled ‘Task force on contaminants’ took place. The discussion was centred on the requests indicated by JRC to evaluate data and information available through EMODnet for the Descriptor 8 - Contaminants of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

The event was attended by 19 participants from 14 European organizations.

The core points of the Agenda were:

  • Marine contaminants: data & metadata needs expressed by JRC;
  • QA/QC concerns for MSFD adoption.

Watch the video recording and look at the presentation EMODnet Chemistry task force for Contaminants (OGS).

At the end of the meeting all participants agreed that it is of utmost importance to proceed with the comparative analysis of the data/metadata templates used by RSCs and WFD and EMODnet metadata and data templates to verify if all relevant information is correctly handled. As a next step, they will consult BODC to possibly revise P01. This is the first one of a series of meetings dedicated to this relevant topic. The next date will be fixed soon. We will keep you informed!