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Project Meetings

5th Phase Full Project Group meeting: 13-14 December 2021

On 13-14 December 2021, the first Project Full Group remote meeting of the current EMODnet Chemistry phase took place.

The two half day event was open to the 14 partners, 2 subcontractors and 28 advisories. The first day has been dedicated to recap the objectives of the next two-year project as well as the main components of the EMODnet Chemistry infrastructure and the latest achievements. On the second day, a training session was held by different experts engaged in the project in order to explain guidelines and tools available for data management. The meeting has been an essential occasion to communicate general and specific recommendations for dataset preparation and collect remarks, issues and suggestions from the attendees.

The meeting was attended by 73 participants from 45 European organizations.

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The presentations are available below.

13 December - Data management and data products generation: main outlines

14 December - Training session: guidelines and tools for data management

Watch the video recordings of the first day and the second day.