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4th Phase MSFD board of experts meeting on new ML maps: 30 March 2021

On 30 March 2021, the proposal for new marine litter products was presented during a dedicated meeting with the board of experts of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The provisional maps were preliminarily discussed by the participants; the final products will be computed taking into account all changes, implementations and revisions required by the MSFD experts. After their revision and approval, the agreed maps will be available on the EMODnet Chemistry Portal.

The agenda was the following:

Some of the main questions/anwers and comments raised during the event are listed below:

  • Beach litter
    Q1 - Difference between the maps.
    A1 - One map was showing a year median, while the other was showing within one year.
    Q2 - An explanation of what the median calculation meant.
    A2 - It was clarified this was normalised as there is more than one survey per year.
    Q3 - Why cigarette butts are excluded from Baltic Sea?
    A3 - These are excluded from the global maps but have dedicated maps as they are sampled to different techniques in different regions. Inclusion of cigarette butts items in the total abundance map and in the material categories percentage map
  • Seafloor litter
    Q1 - List definitions (dolly ropes) as opposed to beach litter typology.
    A1 - Exclusion of "string minor than 1cm" (from dolly rope) items in the fishing related items map.
    Q2 - Is Fishing and Aquaculture (combined) the correct definition? i.e. Fishing is capture fisheries, whereas aquaculture is not
    A2 - The presence of aquaculture litter in the fishing related items product should be specified.
  • Comment 1 - beach litter metadata at different levels and standards is a task for TGML to recommend and advise and work with EMOnet Chemistry to come up with a workable standard.
  • Comment 2 - Non-EU countries are presented as ‘other surveys’ as opposed to ‘MSFD official monitoring’; yes, this is confirmed: only EU countries are using the MSFD tag. MSFD data in France refers to OSPAR list on the Atlantic coast whereas the Mediterranean coast refers to TSG-ML list which can cause granularity issues for the comparison of data

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