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4th Phase meeting with the MSFD experts on new contaminant maps: 1 June 2021

On 1 June 2021, the proposal for new mapping products for contaminants was presented during a dedicated meeting with the board of experts of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Neil Holdsworth from ICES opened the meeting with a round table short introduction to better know both the organizations and countries interested in the meeting and their reasons for joining the review.
Look at ICES presentation Board of MSFD Experts: Contaminants

Alessandra Giorgetti from OGS continued with a short general presentation of EMODnet Chemistry, highlighting data collection and data quality control. She clarified on how data are made available to EMODnet – through connected partners, which are primarily NODCs but also data aggregators/distributors such as ICES. She also informed on the current cooperation between ICES, EMODnet and EEA on harmonising and identifying duplicates in data – not so easy in contaminants data.
Look at OGS presentation EMODnet Chemistry: the pan-European network for data and products on marine water quality

Giordano Giorgi from ISPRA presented the dataset collection for contaminants, and the map products.
Look at ISPRA presentation Dataset collection for contaminants, and the map products

All contents of the meeting are available through the video recording.

Read the notes.