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4th Phase Experts meeting to revise the chemical groupings: 25 June 2021

During the Steering Committe meeting held on 17 June 2021, EMODnet Chemistry partners decided that a series of dedicated summits urged to improve the mapping between the P02 vocabulary and the P36 vocabulary related to contaminants.

The first meeting was on 25 June at which chemist experts started working together on the possible revision and improvements of the chemical groupings. Indeed, the official Call of EMODnet Chemistry aimed at a series of course groups of chemical parameters (P36); with time, EMODnet Chemistry has hosted data from many more groups of substances (P02) that are not within these existing categories and might be relevant for contaminants reporting.

Major improvements already done and issues to be faced are summarized in this presentation by OGS as well as the main decisions made during the meeting and the near future work.