Data & products on marine water quality

The EMODnet Chemistry portal provides easy access to marine chemical data, standardised harmonized validated data collections and reliable data products, highly relevant to assess ecosystem status according to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Product visualisation

Have a look at animations of the visualisation services for:

  • browsing the spatial distribution of surface phosphate concentrations in European waters over time from 1990 to 2010
  • browsing the geo coverage of associated data observation points and retrieving graphics of these data sets as time series and profiles

Use case

EMODnet Chemistry contributed to UNEP/MAP Quality Status Report 2017

EMODnet Chemistry contributed with a Case Study on “Long-term variability along a trophic gradient in the North Adriatic Sea” to the Mediterranean Quality Status Report 2017 (QSR2017) of UNEP/MAP. The approach of the QSR2017 is to use all data available and to complement and address gaps with inputs from numerous other sources; EMODnet Chemistry has been identified among the main data sources for Eutrophication and Pollution assessment in the Mediterranean Sea

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