Data & products on marine water quality

How does the viewer work

EMODnet Chemistry provides an interoperable online viewing service (Ocean Browser) for the visualization of the products developed with the harvested chemical data and for products available from the other thematic portals


OceanBrowser is a web-service that allows to visualize gridded fields on-line. It is based on open standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), in particular Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS). These standards define a protocol for describing, requesting and querying two-dimensional maps at a given depth and time. OceanBrowser currently supports the following operations:

  • Visualization at a selected depth and time of the horizontal sections of the 4-dimensional fields (longitude, latitude, depth and time).
  • The climatological fields can also be interpolated and visualized on arbitrary vertical sections selected by users.
  • The horizontal and vertical sections can be animated in order to study the evolution in time.
  • Image can be saved in several formats as: raster (PNG) and vector image (SVG, EPS, PDF). It can also be saved as a KML file (so that the current layer can be visualized in programs like Google Earth).
  • The underlying 4-dimensional NetCDF file can be either downloaded as a whole from the interface or only as a subset using the linked OPeNDAP server.
  • The web interface can also import third-party layers by using standard WMS requests. The user needs only to specify the URL of the WMS server and its supported version.

More operations can be performed, information about this options can be found at the Ocean Browser wiki.

Click here to access to the visualization of combined maps for the regions of interest:

Click here to access to the visualization of the regional maps and time series plots: