Data & products on marine water quality


EMODnet Chemistry provides several types of data products to allow visualization of temporal and spatial patterns of concentrations of selected parameters (e.g. nutrients, dissolved oxygen, heavy metals, microplastics,…).

Harmonized, aggregated and validated data collections have been used to build spatially interpolated maps of concentrations of selected parameters at basin scale, when spatial resolution was sufficient.

Basin scale maps are available for several depth layers, and are built at seasonal scale and with 10-years moving average, to allow evaluation of long-term variability.

Maps are available for nutrients (ammonium, nitrate plus nitrite, phosphate, silicate), dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll-a for all basins; additional parameters are available for some basins in case of sufficient data spatial resolution.

For selected groups of parameters gathered by EMODnet Chemistry, the distribution of sampling stations gives access to time series or vertical profiles that can be visualized by clicking on the dots representing the sampling stations.

Dedicated viewing products for marine litter are currently being implemented.

The SEXTANT product catalogue provides detailed information on the different products implemented by EMODnet Chemistry.