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Setting up a European Marine Observation and Data NETwork

in the EU Green Paper ON Future Maritime Policy for the European union, the Commission proposed a NEW European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet). Following an overwhelmingly positive response from stakeholders to its proposal, the European Commission , in its EU' s Maritime Policy Blue Book , adopted in October 2007 and welcomed by the European Council in December 2007, undertook to take steps towards EMODnet in ORDER to improve availability of high quality data. EMODnet will provide data ON scales defined by the regions and subregions of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The parameters to be collated are chosen to fit in with the requirements of the Directive.

Four service contracts were launched for creating pilot components of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet):

One of the outcomes of this contracs will be a better understanding of the ability of the present monitoring network to meet the needs of the Directive.

EMODnet, as open data system, should be directly available for viewing through WISE-Marine. WISE-Marine is being developed along a timeline which is in parallel to this EMODnet preparatory action. The data collated and processed will feed into the European Atlas of the Seas.

EMODnet Chemical pilot adopted SeaDataNet approach 
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