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EMODnet Chemical pilot adopted SeaDataNet approach

EMODnet will use SeaDataNet V1 infrastructure for the technical set-up. In detail, we will adopt:

  • SDN Standards for background data and metadata, and for product data and metadata

  • CDI mechanism to access background data with data policy,

  • ODV format for background data exchange,

  • SDN Security Services for users registrations, and SDN Delivery Services for background data access and downloading,

  • DIVA software tool to produce gridded data products and error maps products from the background data as NetCDF files.

  • SDN Products catalogue (CAMIOON system) and SDN Products viewing services for free unlimited discovery, access, visualization and downloading of data products

Overall, SeaDataNet is considered as a key element to ensure interoperability and harmonization between the four EMODnet pilots, for data and products compatibility.

This approach and synergy will have mutual benefits for the EMODnet chemical pilot and for SeaDataNet.