Data & products on marine water quality

Pilot Phase

EMODnet Pilot aimed to assemble fragmented and inaccessible marine data into interoperable, continuous and publicly available data streams for complete maritime basins.

EMODnet Chemical pilot was focused on the marine data groups of chemicals required for monitoring the Marine Strategy Directive:

  1. synthetic compounds (i.e. pesticides, antifoulants, pharmaceuticals),
  2. heavy metals,
  3. radionuclides;
  4. fertilisers and other nitrogen- and phosphorus-rich substances;
  5. organic matter (e.g. from sewers or mariculture);
  6. hydrocarbons including oil pollution.

It concerned the following geographical regions:

EMODnet Chemical pilot was coordinated by OGS and involved 25 partners from SeaDataNet network of NODC’s.

The contract has a duration of three years starting from June 2009.

EMODnet Chemical Pilot adopted SeaDataNet approach 
EMODnet Chemical Pilot - Specific objectives and Activities 
EMODnet Chemical Pilot - Organization