Data & products on marine water quality


EMODnet Chemistry is based on the principle of "Adopting and Adapting" the SeaDataNet infrastructure. SeaDataNet, started in 2006 as a EU-FP7 project, developed a Pan- European, efficient and distributed data management infrastructure collecting, quality controlling, standardizing and sharing marine data.

A network of National Oceanographic Data Centres (NODCs) is in charge of collect EU oceanographic data at national level.

Data collection is done in direct communication with data originators to ensure the best set of measured data and related metadata. The quality control procedures provide the necessary labelling to complete the harvested information with evaluation of their reliability.

Standardization is done, following the interoperability principles provided by INSPIRE, at two main levels: syntactic and semantic. The first is done providing common formats for the files related to metadata and data (XML ISO, ASCII ). The second is done thanks to a set of common vocabularies which make possible to "use the same language" to describe data and metadata over time, different projects and nationality.

Registered users can access the needed information according to data access and usage policies defined in agreement with the originators.