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15th of December, 2014

Project management
EMODnet Chemistry started in August 2013. The first annual meeting was organized in Split (Croatia) from 17 to 18 June, 2014 and the first Interim report has been approved by the EU Commission on September 4, 2014.

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EMODnet Chemistry regional groups are performing quality control and aggregation on these data sets as gathered from many distributed data providers in order to generate regional harmonised, aggregated and validated data sets for groups of chemical variables. Thereafter these will be used to prepare interpolated maps of chemical variables per region over time and graphics of station time series. These maps and graphics will be made publicly available by means of versatile viewing services. The first release of these data products and viewing services, in particular for nutrients data, is expected early 2015. This will be followed up by comparable products for other groups of chemical variables such as contaminants. The gathering and inclusion of observation data sets is a continuous activity.


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